Before You Dig Solutions is a range of asset protection services offered by Dial Before You Dig Vic/Tas. We are a not-for-profit organisation that partners with industries involved in the delivery of essential services across Victoria and Tasmania to keep construction workers and the community safe during excavation projects. Our before you dig solutions provide Dial Before You Dig Members with cloud-based solutions that integrate with the DBYD referral service to enhance the protection of valuable and essential infrastructure. 

Our portfolio of before you dig solutions support the protection of infrastructure assets. Dial Before You Dig Member organisations can sign up for the following services as part of their DBYD Membership:

DBYD Automate is a before you dig solution offered in partnership with Esri Australia that enables DBYD Members to respond efficiently to enquiries for improved asset protection and damage prevention. The DBYD Automate service solution streamlines the notification and response process, reducing workload and costs within your organisation.

Our before you dig Permit Solution allows DBYD Members to monitor and manage road corridor access permits. The Permit Solution provides councils with full visibility and control of works conducted in local authorities to ensure it meets the requirements for safe work practices.


Before You Dig Solutions is a range of asset protection services offered by DBYD Vic/Tas. 

Dial Before You Dig Vic/Tas is a not-for-profit Member organisation comprising asset owning and non-asset owning members.

Membership of the Dial Before You Dig referral service allows asset-owning organisations to register infrastructure assets and provide those planning to excavate in the vicinity of their assets with plans and information.

Non-asset owning organisations can join as a member to show support of the construction industry and safe digging practices.

Asset-owning members can avail of our before you dig solutions - DBYD Automate and The Permit Solution to help with improved asset protection and management. 

To become a Dial Before You Dig Vic/Tas Member, please complete the form on the Membership page and a member of the Vic/Tas team will be in touch.

We work with our many Members to register all types of below and above ground assets including: high voltage electrical sporting field lighting, parking sensors, trees of significance, cultural and heritage sites, contaminated land and land fill. Any number and type of asset can be added to the service at any time at no extra cost.

To find out more about DBYD Automate, please view the Automate product page or contact a member of the team for more information via the form on our contact page.

To find out more about The Permit Solution, please view our Permitting product page or request to speak to a member of the team for more information please complete the form on our contact page

Dial Before You Dig Vic/Tas hosts Awareness and Training sessions for both DBYD Vic/Tas Members as well as excavation and construction organisations aligned with the referral service. To organise a DBYD Awareness and Training session, please complete the form on the Awareness and Training page.

Dial Before You Dig provides merchandise to promote awareness of the DBYD referral service. To order promotional merchandise, please complete the form on our merchandise page.

Find out about DBYD Automate
Upgrade your Membership with DBYD Automate

Premium Membership including DBYD Automate covers referral notification and automated responses all in one place for seamless asset management.

Find out about The Permit Solution
Upgrade your DBYD Membership with The Permit Solution

The Permit Solution integrates with DBYD Membership to provide asset protection and management of works forecast within your Area of Interest.