The Dial Before You Dig referral service is a single point of contact where those looking to dig can access collated information from registered members on the location of essential assets to help prevent damage to infrastructure networks and keep workers and the community safe. 

When a DBYD enquiry is received, registered DBYD Members in the project area receive notification of planned works near vital assets. Members then send out plans and associated guidelines for working around infrastructure assets. 

Asset-Owning Membership
Asset-owning Membership can provide you and your staff with access to the DBYD request information occurring within your area of interest. This informs you who is working around your assets, when they are working, why, and what type of work they are performing so you can share plans and information to prevent damage. 

Non-Asset Owning Membership
Non-Asset owning organisations can register as Dial Before You Dig Members to show support for the referral service and promote safe-site practices. Non-Asset owning members are typically organisations within the excavation and construction industries who share our vision of zero damage, zero harm. 

Membership Benefits

In addition to protecting workers and essential infrastructure, DBYD Members can access our free training and awareness program. Our education sessions provide insight into how the Dial Before You Dig service works, safe excavation procedures, and duty of care requirements when working around essential infrastructure. 


Membership of the Dial Before You Dig referral service allows asset-owning organisations to register infrastructure assets and provide those planning to excavate in the vicinity of their assets with plans and information.

Non-asset owning organisations can join as a member to show support of the construction industry and safe digging practices.

We work with our many Members to register all types of below and above ground assets including: high voltage electrical sporting field lighting, parking sensors, trees of significance, cultural and heritage sites, contaminated land and land fill. Any number and type of asset can be added to the service at any time at no extra cost.

Aside from ensuring staff, contractors, the community and your assets are protected, there are a number of benefits to becoming a member. It is easy to register your assets with the service, and Membership can provide you and your staff with access to all the DBYD request information collected in real-time. Associated tools, reports and dashboards are available to let you know who is working around your assets, when they are working, why and what type of work they are performing, particularly useful in informing re-instatement works if required. To find out more about these tools, please contact a member of the DBYD team. 

After a simple implementation process, your DBYD Membership can include solutions that operate 24/7 to manage your enquiries and responses on your behalf. To find out more, complete the Membership contact form and a member of the Vic/Tas team will be in touch. 

To become a Dial Before You Dig Vic/Tas Member, please complete the Membership contact form and a member of the Vic/Tas team will be in touch.

Upgrade your Membership with DBYD Automate
Upgrade your Membership with DBYD Automate

Premium Membership including DBYD Automate covers referral notification and automated responses all in one place for seamless asset management.

The Permit Solution
Upgrade your DBYD Membership with The Permit Solution

The Permit Solution integrates with DBYD Membership to provide asset protection and management of works forecast within your Area of Interest.

Lodge a DBYD Enquiry

Dial Before You Dig is the essential first step in any safe excavation. To receive asset plans and information from registered utilities, you can lodge your FREE DBYD enquiry online 24/7 via the 1100 website.