Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) plays a vital role in protecting the complex infrastructure networks that provide essential services to millions of Australians each day. Damage to essential services not only results in inconvenient and expensive service disruption, excavating without due care can result in serious injury or death to construction workers and the people around them.

It’s crucial that vital infrastructure is protected, and workers and the community are protected by having information available to help them work safely. By becoming a member and registering assets with DBYD, Members can share detailed plans and safety information provided by utility owners with individuals or companies planning excavation activity.

DBYD Members receive valuable information on what type of work will be conducted, performed by whom, the ability to contact the enquirer and when the work will occur around their registered infrastructure assets.

To sign up as a Dial Before You Dig Member, contact a member of the Vic/Tas team via our contact form.